Carol's garden of custom painted Paper Flowers  7" to 23"
Giant flowers Decorations
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This page was last updated on: April 15, 2014
I  ship world-wide
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Order just a few of my handpainted flowers for a party Inquire below for single stem flowers
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I accept credit cards  e checks online with or without a paypal account ,or  personal check in advance.
      call 386-788-8674
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Submit any info  or questions in form below or you can call below 386-788-8674
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Determine paper flower sizes &  your colors Use a tape measure to get a visual idea of the how large you want the flowers to be.
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Use flowers .Long or short stems for table decor,wall flowers or long stems up to 4 ft for tall vase displays or a garden yard party.          
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Place an order with a deposit.Advance notice on lg orders handpainted.,call 386-788-8674
( Color chart here)
How to use my hand painted flowers here
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Removable & bendable stems
My year Round Painted Giant flower combo party packs in all different sizes
New Realistic flowers, in a rush below  Click scrolling pics below to see larger , pricing & info
Paper flowers backdrops,More info for backdrop
,Roses,zinnia,Anemone, magnolia,peony 
     Cardstock flowers  & leaves done also
     The art of design,cutting and coloring rice paper shows the beautiful bright colors & variables
     that can obtained for My flowers.Party,realistic  & whimsical flowers .I use Sherwin Williams paints
  15" and 22" Giant flowers above long stems any colors and white & cream with leaves.They are not crepe paper. Each petal is wired & Flowers types,Zinnia marigold peony anemone and sparkle flowers too
Make up your own size paper flower party pack and submit below for price or pick one below
Budget 1-18" 1-15 "2-13  1-9" and 3-7" 84.00
Budget pack  2-15" .2-13" -2-10"-83.00
Budget pack 1-18" 1-15 " 1-13  5-9"  86.00
Budget pack 2-18" 1-15" 1-13" 1-11" 2-9" 95.00
Budget  pack  1-18"-1-15"-1-13"-2-9"  68.00
10 - 18 " flowers  205.00
5-18 inch 105.00
10 - 15" flowers  175.00
20-7 " flowers use for centerpieces-130.00
Window display 3- 18" 1-15 " 2-13" 3-9.. 136.00
wall & hanging flowers 2-18"-2-15"-2-13" 110.00
10- 13 inch flowers  150.00 
10 - 9" flowers  95.00
1- 18" .1 -15" .2-13 " 5 -9"..104.00
5 - 13 - 5 -9"....120.00
Garden party packages 
yard party B.. 3-18"-3-15  2-13" 3-9"  172.00
sm yard party 2-18" 2-15" 3-13"  3-9" 142.00 Roses are more costly
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