Using my flowers for your special 0ccassion
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Taking care of your flowers If you need to clean them of dust, just take a damp cloth and wipe the petals.Store away in a cardboard box with tissue.When taking out for another occassion.If petals are slightly bent pull and move petal  gently by holding the stem or support. For a  wrinkle just press out with finger.More stubborn, use a steam iron on low with  a paper towel  on top of petal and iron for 1/2 second.If in garden and they get wet just turn over and let dry..Enjoy your flowers
Company Policy: Handmade flowers 15 & 22 inch flowers are non refundable.A correction can be made on colors if necessary or an error.
Cancelation of an order placed with deposit will be lost since my other  flowers are all handmade from scratch

Home to all my flowers and info & prices here
Low single centerpiece flowers for table decor
                       customers selling flowers
If you want to sell your flowers after your party  add info in my form below. I will post everything below
                        flowers must be in good condition
1. A  good size picture will be required
2. price & flower sizes,colors and amount of flowers your selling
3. contact info phone number
The transactions will be done by both parties interested. only
Send pictures attached to with all  info
These below are my new airbrush flowers .Many colors,white and cream and very realistic. If you need flowers quickly and looking for realistic I would recommend these below.They come in a 15" and 22" with long stems with leaves.Stems can be cut also. .Each petal is wired so you can design  to your liking. Magnolia,lily peony and zinnia. Pricing here
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Hanging my painted flowers
you can cut the stem on my flowers with a sharp knife or scissor.Do not cut below 2 inches this way you can still use then for other occassions and in the yard.  On the back of each flower is a green support.You can get the adhesive hangers for walls at most hardware stores, walmart
Some of new flowers in colors above
Flower sizes & installing yourself..mix 15" & 22" or all one size.
Installing  the flowers yourself on the backdrop,it will not be expensive.To have them done by a florist or party planner will be alot more costly.
4 x 8 sheets of foam board  can easily be cut to whatever size or shape you want depending on on the backdrop size  you want.They are lightweight and strong..Sold at lowes or home depot.
Do you want gaps inbetween the flora or overlapping flowers.Each board will get flowers making sure to overlap the sides hiding the edges. Once the flowers are attached you can move them easily afterwards.If everything is kept in good condition you can also sell them on boards locally.Any questions just ask below in submission box below
How to  do a Backdrop flowers- info
Decide the demensions you want the backrop to be and style.Above pictures are my realistic new ones in off white . They  come in any colors with all wired petals for designing. They can be purchased on my wedding site if time is short.Flowers available are peony,magnolia,zinnia,& lily  in 15" & 22" long stems
Take one stem out of the package and insert into my stem of flowers or use real branches and put them anywhere
Whimsy,polka dots varigated...anything goes!
My hand painted flowers below   and I get extremely busy so please try to book in advance 
Using my painted flowers in the gardenFor a backyard party! pop with color! put them  anywhere you want in the garden in with your greenery!